recruitment enterprise management (REM) software

i-Business Resources (i-BR) provide Quick-Recruit to help you manage your recruitment business. Quick-Recruit is an Internet Cloud based and modular software solution designed for recruitment enterprises.

Quick-Recruit - a modular, flexible solution

  • Recruitment module
  • Timesheets module
  • Payroll module
  • Invoices module
  • Client & Candidate Access modules

Quick-Recruit modules can be used together to provide a comprehensive and integrated software solution for recruitment agencies. Alternatively, you can cater for different business scenarios by selecting only the modules you require to manage specific business areas and processes.

You can add or remove modules based on changing business requirements. There are no long-term contracts to tie you into using modules that you don't require. Giving you a flexible and cost-effective solution that can grow with your business.


Quick-Recruit recruitment enterprise management software menu


Quick-Recruit hosting & support

Quick-Recruit is a Internet Software Solution that is fully hosted and supported by i-BR. This means that all of your management and running of your system is taken care of for you. All you need is an Internet Connection and you (and your clients and candidates) can access your system from anywhere, we take care of the rest. i-BR take the hassle out of IT and help you reduce your IT hardware and management costs.

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Quick-Recruit pricing

Quick-Recruit is priced to be affordable for SME's and gives the benefit that you only pay for the modules you use, and the users you have. You don't pay any annual licence fees, but instead pay hosting & support fees per user for each module you use. Where possible, we also provide pay-per-use pricing so you don't pay bills for functions that you only use sometimes, or not at all. Therefore, when you are busy you pay for your software use, at lower periods of demand your fees can fall.

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business solutions

Use Quick-Recruit Modules individually or in combination to address the business processes you require. Below are the business solutions that you can benefit from.


Quick-Recruit recruitment software

sales & recruitment

Use Quick-Recruit's Recruitment module as your stand-alone Cloud Based, Front-Office recruitment system, or integrate with other Quick-Recruit modules to integrate workflows across your business.

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Quick-Recruit back-office software


Modules for Timesheets, Payroll, and Invoicing can be used together to provide a comprehensive Temp (and Contractor) Management solution. With Perm and ad-hoc invoicing also available this is a perfect Back-Office solution. Add to this the integrated Recruitment Module, and/or Candidate and Client access and your back-office processing can reach new levels of service, and with lower costs.

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Quick-Recruit customer portals

customer portals

Provide portals for your Clients and Candidates. As part of the Recruitment module - Clients can access (and enter) information on bookings and candidates. Candidates can register onine, and search for and apply for jobs. Back-Office functions give Online Timesheet functions for Candidates and Clients, as well as Candidate access to online Payslips and Clients to online Invoices. At all times though you are in control of who has access and what they can see and do.

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Quick-Recruit vendor management software

vendor management

The unique structures and flexibility of Quick-Recruit can be used in your management of Master Vendor contracts. You can give your clients the portal they need to submit jobs and manage Timesheets of course (all integrated with your internal processing). But, in addition systems can be set-up that can give supplier Agencies direct access into the process for submitting Candidates into bookings and managing their own Timesheets. Providing integrated processes across all parties to the supply process.

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