Quick-Recruit services

Quick-Recruit gives you the software solution to run your recruitment business. i-BR provide you the services and support to take the hassle out of your IT management for your software.

system implementation

Whether you require minimal or maximum support for your software implementation, i-BR can help you.

Our Standard Implementation process provides a remote implementation process using Internet based meeting facilities. This provides you the help and support you need to get you up-and-running, but with minimal cost as there are no expensive trips to your premises by our Consultants for you to pay for.

  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Planning your implementation
  • Configuring your system
  • Options for data-migration
  • User Training


If you are a larger Agency and require greater assistance in change management issues we can of course tailor an on-site project to your needs. Giving you the intensive support you require for a more complex implementation.

system hosting and maintenance

Quick-Recruit is fully Cloud Based. i-BR host and manage your system for you so you can focus on running your business. Quick-Recruit is hosted in professional hosting facilities that provide industrial levels of performance and security.

With a fully hosted and managed system you don't require any Servers and IT staff to manage your software. You have total flexibility to access your software from home, client sites, on-the-move, or from multiple branches. All without additional software and IT costs.

Disaster Recovery for your business is also taken care of. Even if the wost should happen to your office location your data remains safe and secure. Getting your business up and running can be as simple as logging into your Quick-Recruit system from another location. There are no delays in installing new servers and old data back-ups. Everything is reassuringly simple.

user support

The Technical Support we provide keeps your systems running 24/7. If you require assistance however of any user support issues your hosting and support fees include access to i-BR's Help Desk during office hours.

For any issues that require discussion you can call the Help Desk on the freephone number we provide. Emailing support issues creates automated support case tickets and allow routing of your case to the required people who will assist you as you require.

Regardess of the size of our clients we'll always ensure that you recieve the support you require, in the method that best ensures you get the help you need.

other services

Sometimes you might need more than just purchasing software from your IT partner.

i-Business Resources (i-BR) therefore ensure we can provide a range of services designed to help you obtain value from advanced Internet solutions; but without the need to be an IT expert yourself, and/or find internal resources to conduct specific projects.

You don't need to use our software to benefit from many of our additional services. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how you could use our services to help you and your business.


other resources

i-BR are specialists in software development, Internt Cloud Solutions strategy, and running Payroll solutions. If you require IT assistance or admin resources in thiese areas we can help you.

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